Monday, April 30, 2012

eye candy -- bidding farewell to the district.

{quintissential DC photograph -- the Capitol and cherry blossoms}

My semester in Washington, DC has easily been the best of my life.  I love everything about the city -- the pace, the vibe, the fact that people walk as fast as I do but someone will stop their cab in the pouring rain to hop out and let me take it when my umbrella turns inside-out.  Among many, many other things, here are just a few of my favorites that I'll miss about the District:

- my internship at the best magazine in DC
- accidentally stumbling on history every time I turn a corner
- complaining about tourists because "I'm a local"
- near-weekly visits to Eastern Market for fresh produce, flowers, and so much more
- the incredibly easy-to-understand Metro system
- visiting the National Mall again and again
- visits to the CapMac truck that literally made my day
- long strolls up and down Connecticut Avenue
- sunny days wandering between Madewell and favorite Georgetown boutiques
- lemon cupcakes with raspberry filling (my favorite indulgence) from Baked and Wired
- "Top Chef"-owned restaurants popping up all over the place
-  the outrageously overpriced market down the block that received dozens of "emergency" visits from me (usually for peanut butter and chocolate chips)
- obsessive, excessive brunching
{the Lincoln Memorial at night}

{makeup setup from the photo shoot I assisted with}

{flowers blooming all over the Capitol Hill rowhouses}

{DC-esque street signs everywhere}

{vintage bright pink bicycle outside my favorite Georgetown bakery}

Sad as I am to be leaving the city that's given me so much, I can't WAIT for what's next!
xo Josie


Bestie said...

total awesomeness all around! i visited D.C. and Georgetown last year, and although I had been before, I don't remember developing the crush that I did last summer!

on to your next endeavor!! good things to come and good memories as well.

Danielle (elleinadspir) said...

I have never been to DC. Can't wait until B is old enough for us to take him. So excited for you that you had such a great experience. Off to the next one!!

Erika said...

I so love these snapshots - DC is so beautiful. And it sounds like your internship was phenom! :)

Cate said...

So glad you had such a great experience there! Good luck in your next chapter!
cate @

pearls and green tea said...

Love that bright pink bike! Totally puts a smile on my face!

Linds said...

what a wonderful semester you have had - so jeal, I love visiting my friend down there as D.C. has such a great laid-back vibe. excited to see where your next adventures will be!

C said...

that sounds like a wonderful experience!
Never been to Washington and I cant wait to visit!
Lots of hugs sweetie!!!!!!!!

TheChambrayCountess said...

Glad you had a wonderful semester and that you took lots of pictures so you don't forget a thing!

Sophie said...

sounds like you had the best time ever! i really want to visit DC! well everywhere in america really haha.

cant wait to see whats next :) x

Beautygirl24 said...

What an incredible experience! That sounds like something I'd love to do. You may be leaving DC, but you'll always have the memories.

Stylelover said...

Amazing photos! Wish I was there :D

Sophie said...

Such a great post - I have always wanted to visit DC!


Elle Sees said...

Aw, glad you had such an amazing experience!

Rachel Jensen {Da Paura ♥} said...

How amazing! I truly had no idea that DC was so fantastic. Looks like you had a great time, I love these photos. Cheers to the next step in your life!!


snls. ♥ said...

the last one is so cute <3

LyddieGal said...

awww, sounds like your time in DC was just wonderful! Best of luck to you in whatever your next venture will be!
Chic on the Cheap

Patricia Harte said...

-accidentally stumbling into history a.k.a stumbling into the white house
-expensive market known as Manhattan that some people (cough cough IU kids) shopped at exclusively
-Eastern market is the most glorious place on earth, like an eden oasis in a city
-long walks down connecticut on 90 degree days, in a boot, with a DC and ice and a straw, that lead to the white house...accidentally
-om nom nom to Graffiato/Good Stuff, I don't even LIKE burgers and good stuff eatery converted me

More things I liked about your semester in DC:
-Getting free swag from your awesome internship
-Having you work only 1 block away from me so we could walk home from work
-the GOLDS GYM CARDIO CINEMA (how could you forget)
-The d.c. vendor...duhhh
-Stumbling upon random dunkin donuts in various corners of the city
-J&T baking time

xoxo miss you

Kiki's Corner said...

I'm glad you had a great time :)

Look forward to seeing what comes next!

Daniela said...

Love these pictures! My brother and I our actually planning a weekend over there... I'm going to follow your links now and jot some stuff down :)

meg said...

Wow, this is so exciting. Love the pics. Thanks for the links too. What a fabulous post!

Honey said...

awww... DC is a nice city... especially to raise a family I think. So what's next for you? It is an exciting phase.

erica marie said...

My sis used to live in D.C. Loved it out there.

xo erica

Jessica said...

my brother lives in dc and I love visiting him, such and awesome city I understand why you are sad to leave, good luck in your next adventures!


yiqin; said...

omg nice photos <3 said...

nice pictures - the pink bike is so adorable. much success! xx

beancakes said...

aww, so nostalgic, i miss d.c. - was born and raised there. good luck josie to what comes next, how exciting!!

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

I haven't lived there in seven years and I miss it nearly every day. Best of luck with where the road takes you next! : )

Style, She Wrote said...

So glad you enjoyed your time in D.C.! It's one of our favorite cities, too! Safe trip home. xo style, she wrote

M.W. said...

lovely blog. I would totally ride that bike haha

Nnenna said...

So many great things about D.C.! I'm excited to hear about what you'll be doing next! =)

chibiaion said...

That’s really great experience! Hope you can really visit the place for some other time.

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STYLE'N said...

Josie-glad you enjoyed your time here. What is next for you? Do keep us posted. And good luck with all your future endeavors. And brunch? My sister lived here for over 10 years and that's practically all she talks about..well specifically the free champagne brunches all over D.C.!

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