Monday, November 29, 2010

obsessed -- patterson j. kincaid.

Couplet shimmer dress
COVETING: J.Crew Couplet Shimmer Dress; retail $198
I made the absolutely ridiculous mistake of trying this dress on when I was out last week. Why such a mistake, you ask? Because I knew exactly what it would look like. I knew that the color would bring out my eyes and the shape would be insanely flattering on just about anyone. So when I tried it on, I had absolutely zero choice but to fall in love. I adore the gorgeous beaded silk bodice -- can you say stunning? -- with the tiny pocket. And the wool skirt is fantastic. I adore this for a holiday cocktail party, and the black-and-charcoal version would be equally fab for work. Seriously, can J.Crew do no wrong?

Oh, Patterson J. Kincaid. After trying on this dress the last time I was home and shopping at one of my favorite boutiques, I began a full-on love affair with the brand. It's just genius -- easy, pretty pieces with details that are nothing short of stunning. Whether it's a beaded trim, a subtle print, or perfectly-crafted spiderweb of lace, there's just something that makes Patterson J. Kincaid pieces special and very, very ladylike.

Patterson J. Kincaid Maryln Tank
Patterson J. Kincaid Maryln Tank; retail $98
Do slinky tops get much more perfect than this one? The shape is simple and the neckline is flattering. I adore the tiers -- nothing makes me happier than layering chiffon and sequins, and this feels so fresh to me. Paired with skinny jeans and a pair of ridiculously tall heels or tucked into a bandage skirt with tights and booties, this top is utterly gorgeous.

Patterson J. Kincaid Maybell Dress
Patterson J. Kincaid Maybell Dress; retail $148
Speaking of easy shapes, how fab is this dress? I'm loving frocks that can be totally transformed by the simple addition of a belt -- and how great is it when you change out the belt and it looks like a completely different dress? I also adore the pretty leopard-print trim and racerback on this dress -- just more Patterson J. Kincaid details that add to perfection.

Patterson J. Kincaid 'Danny' Lace Back Top
Patterson J. Kincaid Danny Lace Back Top; sale (now) $51.90
I'm not going to lie, the fact that this is on sale is seriously tempting me to buy it. I'm obsessed with the supersexy lace back, but strangely, it feels incredibly ladylike. The front is almost as great, though. So simple -- the softest plain white cotton with a slouchy lace pocket. How cute would this be with jeans and a cardigan for day? And just slip out of the sweater for night -- does it get any easier?

What are YOU obsessed with right now?
xo Josie
Thanks to J.Crew, Nordstrom, and Shopbop for the photos.

Friday, November 26, 2010

fall harvest.

French Connection shirt, J Brand denim leggings, Steve Madden boots, Marc by Marc Jacobs clutch, Merona watch, Juicy Couture bracelet

For me, calendars become irrelevant quickly. Summer starts when school ends, fall begins at the onset of September. And, although I do tend to push the holiday season a bit by declaring it has begun immediately after Halloween, winter starts as November ends. So as the weeks wrap up and I begin to dream of finals ending and stockings being hung, I'm trying to squeeze the last bit out of my favorite fall pieces. This includes, but is not limited to, anything plaid, especially this pretty tie-neck French Connection blouse.

Of COURSE wishing you all a fantastic Black Friday -- must admit that I rarely have the patience to make it through the crowds, but what did you all score?
xo Josie

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

simple pleasures -- thanksgiving.

Rock & Republic Nikki Platform Pumps with Crystals
COVETING: Rock & Republic Nikki Platform Pumps; sale (now) $227.50
I'm sorry, did I just pant? That was probably a little rude. I must be in possession of these pumps, stat. I love these pretty heels. They're embellished but not too flashy, and the color is the perfect neutral for the holidays. I'm loving nude heels with opaque tights in other shades (how great would these look with a fab pair of plum tights?) but these would be equally fantastic with bare legs, if you're lucky enough to live somewhere where the holiday season doesn't mean you're essentially in the Arctic.

I adore Thanksgiving. This has not always been the case. I'm a picky eater and have never quite embraced the mashed potatoes, turkey, and yams (I'm not even entirely sure that I know what a yam is, actually, but I feel like they have marshmallows on top, and that's definitely appealing to me). But as I've come to appreciate fall and family, this previously-neglected holiday has quickly become a favorite. Between the last bit of relaxation before finals and the fact that I get to see all of my siblings, I think that Thanksgiving will never be neglected again.

{How sweet are these little mini-pies from Cupcakes and Cashmere?}

So what am I thankful for this year? There are entirely too many things to detail them all, but here are the highlights:

-my amazing, healthy family.
-the best friends I could ask for.
-Anthropologie, Forever21, Target.
-warm homemade chocolate chip cookies with tall glasses of milk.
-jeans, pretty dresses for going out, very tall heels, colorful flats.
-fun surprises (my last class was canceled yesterday).
-Diet Coke, skinny vanilla lattes from Starbucks, Strawberry Surf Riders from Jamba Juice.
-a gorgeous, hilarious roommate.
-magazines in excessive quantities, Christmas movies, Ben and Jerry's Brownie Batter ice cream.
-every single one of you reading this.

What are YOU thankful for this year?
xo Josie
Thanks to Shopbop and Cupcakes and Cashmere for the photos.

Monday, November 22, 2010

inspiration -- the classics.

Tier Drop Dress  - Click Image to Close
ATTAINABLE: Lulu's Tiered Dress; retail $52
The holidays of course mean a lot of things -- great food, time with family and friends, and definitely a load of parties to attend. What I love about wondrous stores like Lulu's is that I can in fact purchase several fun party dresses that will not only carry me through the holiday season, but I can do it on the cheap. I'm headed off on a cruise immediately after Christmas and am excited to fill my suitcase with pretty dresses to wear each night -- how perfect is this one? I love the simple top and layered beige skirt -- so chic and not boring in the slightest. How perfect would it be with opaque black tights, heels, and a fantastic statement necklace?


I have a firm belief that a wardrobe should be based around the classics. We all have our own idea about what this means, of course -- to some, the classics include floaty skirts, to others it's a well-cut suit. My view on what exactly is "classic" is scattered from Audrey Hepburn to leather jackets to defined waistlines -- but it always includes chic, minimal pieces that give off a lovely effect.


A little black dress. Red nail. Glossy pink lips. Ultra-tall nude heels. Smoky eyes. The perfect pair of skinny jeans. Chic, sparkly jewelry. The perfect trench coat. What's great about these pieces is that not only are they the best building blocks for a wardrobe, but they'll also never go out of style. Do me a favor and use THAT as your excuse to splurge on those Louboutins. Seriously.

What's inspiring YOU today?
xo Josie
Thanks to Lulu's and WeHeartIt for the photos.

Friday, November 19, 2010

short and sweet.

J.Crew shirtdress, American Eagle tank, Merona tights, Tahari booties, Xhilration clutch, Coach belt, Christine earrings, J.Crew belt (worn as a bracelet)

I love shirtdresses. Can't get enough of them. But it's so rare that I find one that meets my exact specifications, and when I saw this one on the sale rack at J.Crew, I may have done a little dance. It's the right length, chic, crisp, and toes the line perfectly between being dressy and casual. Against an incredibly simple black backdrop, this piece of perfection could take center stage for a little fall fun. As perfect as the look was for the sibling dinner that I wore it to (all I can say is that P.F. Chang's gluten-free lettuce wraps are the best thing on the planet and make me so happy every time that I eat them), I can't wait to switch in flat boots and a big bag for day.

Have a fantastic weekend! Who's going to check out Lanvin for H&M on Saturday? So excited!
xo Josie

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

pretty things -- winter coats.

Classic Lace Dress
ATTAINABLE: ThreadSence Classic Lace Dress; retail $42
ThreadSence is officially my new obsession. I owe an epic, EPIC thank-you to my friend at The Owl's Closet for introducing me to this site, which features the prettiest, most affordable clothes I've ever seen. This dress is sold out. I'm not okay with that in the slightest. Because, hello, this is possibly the greatest lace dress I've seen all season. AND it's affordable. Oh, ThreadSence, how you tease me. I'll be watching the site like a hawk because this dress is truly perfection -- the 3/4-length sleeves and lace overlay are gorgeous, the neckline is demure, and the back is daring -- I LOVE IT.

I am due for a new winter coat. There's just no denying it. I live in the Midwest. I trek multiple miles each day around campus. And I haven't bought a new coat since my sophomore year in high school. Granted, it's a great coat -- this one in a gorgeous shade of camel -- and is the best all-purpose one that I could ever find. However, I find myself in need of an entire outerwear wardrobe these days. And each of the below coats would most certainly have its place in that lineup.

Rebecca Taylor Belted Ruffle Coat
Rebecca Taylor Belted Ruffle Coat; retail $595
So. Precious. I'm slightly distracted from the coat by these gorgeous boots, but the coat certainly would steal the show with any look. The ruffled placket is absolutely stunning, and the robe-tie is utter perfection. Although I'm sure that I'd manage to spill my skinny vanilla latte all over this pristine white coat approximately four minutes after slipping into it, I really don't know if that would deter me from wearing it at every possible occasion.

Finding Frances Blush Jacket  - Click Image to Close
Lulu's Finding Frances Blush Jacket; retail $75
I absolutely adore this little vintage-inspired jacket. The swingy shape and wide-lapeled neckline are so gorgeous, and I'm loving the pale blush shade for winter. It's so fresh and unexpected. This coat would dress up or down so nicely, making it ideal for all-purpose wear.

Theory "Atlas Ivanna" Down Puffer Jacket
Theory Atlas Ivanna Down Puffer Jacket; retail $575
I'm not big on puffer jackets for several reasons. One is that they tend to have fur or faux-fur-lined hoods, which I'm not personally a fan of, at least not on myself. Another reason is that they tend to be ridiculously bulky. This gorgeous Theory coat combats both of those problems with amazing grace, in a stunning shade to boot. I adore the fitted silhouette, short length, and the stand-up collar. Finally, this color is blowing my mind. So fantastic as an unexpected wintery shade.

Anthropologie Double Duty Cape; retail $248
How sweet is this swingy little cape/coat? The sleeves are reminiscent of a cape but I love the cinched waist and lapels -- so chic. The color is ridiculously versatile, and I absolutely adore the buttons. Best of all, this cape would be fantastic with skinny jeans and boots or over a dress -- genius.

How will YOU be staying warm this winter?
xo Josie
Thanks to ThreadSence, Shopbop, Lulu's, Bloomingdale's, and Anthropologie for the photos.

Monday, November 15, 2010

obsessed -- tucker.

ATTAINABLE: BR Monogram Chiffon Skirt in Prune (also in Black); sale (now) $69.99
I am positively in LOVE with this gorgeous chiffon skirt. I love anything chiffon -- in any capacity -- and this is such a pretty piece. Even better, somehow my pals at Banana Republic have managed to make chiffon look structured without being stuffy. And the rows of cutouts at the bottom make this skirt perfectly flirty and fun for cocktail parties.

I seriously don't know how I overlooked Tucker until a few months ago. Thank goodness for my blog buddy Carrie, who, though her insane obsession with the brand, drew my attention to its fabulousness. Of course, a big shoutout to Target as well for doing a collaboration with Tucker which was pretty excellent. Anyhow, I'm finally turned on to Tucker and am ob-freaking-sessed. I adore the pretty prints and floaty shapes, and there is nothing I want more than to own dozens of these gorgeous pieces to wear at every possible occasion.

Tucker The Dress
Tucker The Dress; retail $308
I adore this simple, chic, classic dress. It's so pretty, and the dark print is absolute perfection for the upcoming holidays. Moreover, the shape is beautiful. I prefer structure at the waist, and this dress would belt beautifully, but it's so gorgeous as a floaty shirtdress as well. Absolutely genius.

 Grey Purple Dot Blouse
Tucker Grey Purple Dot Blouse; retail $276
This Vintage Tucker piece may be my new favorite thing in the world. I love sheer blouses year-round, and this is truly the perfect one. The colors are gorgeous, the print is fun, and the shape is fabulous -- love those sleeves. How perfect would this be tucked into a pencil skirt for work?

Tucker Short Pleated Skirt
Tucker Short Pleated Skirt; retail $363
I LOVE pleats. I think that they're just so ladylike. And I love this skirt. I'm finding myself so drawn to dark floral prints for a fun way to get through winter -- how cute would this be with opaque tights and heels? I absolutely adore it.

Tucker for Target®...
Tucker for Target Button-Front Dress in Painted Flowers Print; retail $34.99
I LOVE this dress. Tucker did a really lovely line with Target -- definitely one of my favorite designer collaborations -- and this is easily my favorite piece. Unfortunately, by the time I figured this out, it was sold out in my size. I adore the fun shape, gorgeous print, and really cute buttons. I know all of this because there's a girl in my seminar class who was smarter than me and snapped this piece up -- it mocks me every few weeks and I get really jealous. It's bad.

And a BIG happy birthday to my mom/photographer/best friend -- love you!
xo Josie
Thanks to Banana Republic, Shopbop, Tucker, and Target for the photos.

Friday, November 12, 2010

fall florals.

J.Crew jacket, Mine dress, Forever21 tights and ring, Kelly and Katie flats, Longchamp bag, American Eagle belt, vintage earrings

I do not understand the weather. There. I've said it. Last Friday it was snowing; this week the temperatures have been in the sixties. The best way to combat this, as I've learned over the past few tumultuous weeks, is to dress in light layers. I'm unable to let go of short dresses as long as the weather is cooperating, though, so adding tights and the military jacket that was in fact my sister's when she was in college seemed to be the way to stay semi appropriately dressed despite the utter insanity outside. I may finally be ready for winter, if for no reason other than that there's a definite dress code for subzero temps. Namely, my favorite camel-colored coat, a soft cardigan, skinny jeans, and boots.

Have a fantastic weekend, my dears! Mine will consist of homework and, since my pals at CSNStores have asked me to do a review, browsing the site. Since they sell everything from bathroom cabinets to shoes to luggage, I plan to spend significantly more time doing that than my homework...
xo Josie

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

get the look -- fair isle knits.

COVETING: Leifsdottir Firewing Blouse; retail $198
I have a ridiculous obsession with anything metallic. I blame it on one too many viewings of The Wizard of Oz as a child; regardless, it's an addiction. I especially love sparkle when it can be used easily for day or night. This feminine top is a perfect example. To begin, I absolutely ADORE the floaty chiffon, pretty print, and fantastic neckline. How chic would this be with dark skinny jeans, riding boots, and an oversized, buttery-soft leather bag? But would it be even better tucked into a black pencil skirt? Love that versatility.

I've always had a soft spot for fair isle knits and, to be honest, I kind of thought I was alone in that particular regard. However, after I posted this James Perse sweater dress awhile back, it was brought to my attention by my fabulous readers that this preppy print is so in right now. I'm enamored by its mystical, fairy-tale quality and love that it immediately draws my mind to a perfect Norman Rockwell Christmas scene -- a family around a crackling fire, all in their fair isle sweaters... Maybe that's more like an Old Navy commercial. Regardless, it's about as idealistic as it gets, and I'm ready to bust out this pretty print this winter.

Rag & Bone Grayling Sweater
EXTRAVAGANCE: Rag & Bone Grayling Sweater; retail $355
This is about as cute and classic as fair isle gets. I adore this chic little crew-neck sweater. ADORE it. The alternating print-style is interesting, and it would pair so nicely with jeans or wool shorts and tights. Precious, no?

AE Fair Isle Deep V-Neck Sweater
DEAL: AE Fair Isle Deep V-Neck Sweater retail $49.50
This nontraditional take on the fair isle sweater is so fun. I love that the colors are playful (love that turquoise with the lavender) and the neckline isn't the basic fair isle crew. How chic would this look with a wool skirt, opaque tights, and booties?

ADAM Cowl Neck Sweater
EXTRAVAGANCE: ADAM Cowl Neck Sweater; retail $295
It just doesn't get much cozier than a cowl neck, does it? I love this fun sweater. The juxtaposition between the large cowl and Dolman sleeves with the slimmer bottom is so visually interesting to me. I love it styled with a pretty wool mini but I'm convinced that I would be just as partial to it paired with denim leggings and a pretty pair of jeweled flats.

Fair Isle Twilight Cardigan
DEAL: Madewell Fair Isle Twilight Cardigan; retail $78
I'm decidedly partial to any kind of cardigan -- boyfriend-style, shrunken... It doesn't matter. A fair isle cardigan with just a touch of metallic in it? That's just combining all of my favorite things into one. I love the front pockets and pretty metallic thread running through the print on this sweater. Perfect to pair with a skirt for work or jeans for a cozy night in.

Will YOU be wearing fair isle prints this winter?
xo Josie
Thanks to Anthropologie, Shopbop, American Eagle, and Madewell for the photos.

Monday, November 8, 2010

tips and tricks -- under-the-weather wear.

ATTAINABLE: Urban Expressions Stella bag in Tan (also in Gray); retail $85
I'm a big fan of the online store Alainn Bella (remember this post?). The shop features pretty, chic items, and this bag is certainly no exception. In fact, I'm decidedly obsessed with it. This light tan shade is just so very creamy in color, and I love that it's big enough for me to toss everything that I need (read: my entire life) into. And how cute is the outer pocket? I must possess this to wear with everything that I own. Immediately.

As the weather starts to change, I find myself craving all things comfortable. This can be anything from my mom's spaghetti sauce to my favorite American Eagle slipper boots. And let's be honest, no one really wants to be dressed up when all they want to do is curl up in bed for several consecutive hours. By the time the snow hit on Friday, I was exhausted and coming down with a cold, so I was completely ready to jump under the covers and never come back up again. However, living in a dorm (and having a life) means that there are always people around, so sweats are just not an option in my book. As we all get a little cold-weather blues, the very least that we can do is look chic while being as comfortable as humanly possible, no?

aerie Women's Aerie Cozy Waffle Crew (Mystic Teal)
Aerie Cozy Waffle Crew in Mystic Teal; retail $24.50
Aerie is definitely my go-to brand for comfortable, chic loungewear, and I'm truly addicted to my Aerie thermal tees. They're so soft and SO warm. Best of all, they're form-fitting and stretchy. This means that I look like I'm somewhat put-together even though I probably have the intention of taking a nap in this top later. And it comes in an affordable bevy of colors to ensure that I'll always have one on hand.

Hard Tail Forever Long Legging; retail $55
Although I realize that this price is a little steep for a pair of leggings, I LOVE this pair. More put-together-looking than sweats but equally comfortable thanks to the intense stretch level, these warm, thick leggings are of significantly higher quality than my Target ones. I truly do love nothing more than slouching around the house in these.

AE Fair Isle Crew SocksAE Fair Isle Crew Socks; retail $6.50
I'll come out and say it: I really don't like socks. Unless my shoes require them, I avoid socks if at all possible -- hence my addiction to flats. However, my feet get cold, too, and if I must wear socks, they're going to be cute. This cozy-looking pair is just adorable enough that I may not mind lounging around in them. Plus, of course, the print and stripe at the top are too cute.

What do YOU like to wear when you're under-the-weather?
xo Josie
Thanks to Alainn Bella, Aerie, Yoga Clothing, and American Eagle for the photos.

Friday, November 5, 2010

tuxedo my way.

J.Crew top and skirt, Vanity tank, Merona tights, Tahari booties, Express clutch, Forever21 ring, vintage bracelet

I am a huge fan of anything tuxedo-inspired in the slightest, so when I saw this adorable J.Crew knit top with a Henley-style tuxedo placket, I fell madly in love. The light gray color is so pretty and perfect for fall, and I love it paired with this pretty, pleated felted wool mini and incredibly sparkly silver accessories. Best of all, the look was perfect to pair with my new booties. Which I'm kind of obsessed with and wear at every slightly appropriate opportunity.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend!
xo Josie