Wednesday, June 30, 2010

giveaway -- coach scarf.

My dear readers, guess what will be occurring in just over one week?

My 100th post!

I'm insanely excited about this and plan on celebrating the occasion like it's my JOB (I'll use just about any excuse to celebrate something). And what better way to celebrate than with my first giveaway for all of my fabulous readers?

Do you know what's spectacular about working at an upscale consignment shop? You get to see merchandise the second it comes in to be sold by its previous owner. And when I saw this like-new Coach scarf come in (I believe that the owner never used it but couldn't return it because the tags had been taken off), I knew that it would be the perfect item to give away to one of my fabulous readers.

*Note: I would love to give away an officially brand-new Coach scarf to every one of you, but please bear in mind that I'm a perpetually broke student. Okay. Back to the fun parts.

Details to Enter:

This giveaway is open to all "with a wink and a smile" followers -- old and new! Just leave a comment so I know to enter you.

All entries MUST be in by 11:00 PM central time on Wednesday, July 7. will help me select a winner.

For extra entries (let me know in your comment):

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Tweet or blog about this giveaway -- please provide a link in your comment! (2 entries each)

I can't wait to see who wins! Good luck!

xo Josie

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

tips and tricks -- workout wear.

COVETING: Coach "Emily's Satchel"; retail $498
So here's the deal. I know this is hardly groundbreaking, but I simply have not stopped thinking about this bag since its release in mid-May. I just can't stop. For awhile, I even toyed with the idea of saving and buying one, only to realize that this bag costs what I make working two jobs in a week... You may say that shouldn't stop me, but for my personal needs as a nineteen-year-old, I probably don't need a $500 bag anyway. Regardless, I'm madly in love with this bag. I'm a HUGE Cupcakes and Cashmere fan (as in obsessive) and everything about this purse is so chic and perfect -- the creamy pink shade, the gold hardware, the shape... If anyone feels like buying me one as a fun surprise, I will do just about anything for you.

I am terrible about working out. Just so that's out in the open. I don't like running, though I can pound it out on the elliptical machine once in awhile. Unfortunately, exercise (barring yoga, dance, and gymnastics) just isn't something I've ever enjoyed much. This is possibly because my workout wear essentially is a collection of Soffe shorts and T-shirts -- the apparel I wore when training for comp cheer in high school has been my workout standard for years. With some of the absolutely darling pieces below, however, I think I could find the motivation to go for a jog. A short one. Around the block... We'll see.

Product Image C9 by Champion® Seamless Bra - Black
C9 by Champion Seamless Bra in Black (in many other shades); retail $16.99
This is the one part of that standard workout uniform that I can absolutely recommend. This seamless bra is supercomfortable and very supportive -- it holds everything in place whether you're doing Pilates or jogging on the treadmill. Plus, although they aren't all available on the Target website, this bra comes in a huge selection of colors, each more adorable than the last.

Hard Tail Bootcut Knit Pants
Hard Tail Bootcut Knit Pants in Charcoal (also in Black); retail $56
Although they're a bit of an investment, if you're going to do yoga, I must recommend Hard Tail apparel. I swear I get more flexible after slipping into a pair of these ultra-stretchy pants. Best of all, these come in a variety of colored waistbands (express your own personality) and sizes, including plus sizes. Fabulous.

Nike Women's Tempo Track Running Shorts -

Nike Women's Tempo Track Running Shorts in Pink Flash/White/Black (in many other shades); retail $15.97 - $28
Quite like in cheer practice, there is no better pair of shorts for running and doing other basic cardio work than this pair from Nike. They keep you cool and dry without clinging while looking cute -- the simple shape and fun colors are a sure way to stand out while getting a fabulous body.

Move freely in your yoga class with this open neckline medium  support tank.
Lululemon Scoop Neck Tank in Angel Blue/White Lycra Stripe (also in Black, Lavender/White, and Passion/Heathered Coal Wee Stripe); retail $52
How cute is this little workout top? I love, LOVE the aquamarine shade and striped neckline. It would look fabulous for a variety of activities (weights, cardio, yoga, etc) and looks like it would hold up well. I didn't really understand what was so exciting about Lululemon until recently, but it is absolutely amazing -- such fun, bright workout pieces that can even inspire ME to go get some exercise!

What do YOU love to work out in? And don't forget to check out my Twitter!
xo Josie
Thanks to Cupcakes and Cashmere, Target, Nordstrom, and Sports Authority for the photos.

Monday, June 28, 2010

crew life.

J.Crew top, skirt, bracelet, and earrings, Steve Madden wedges, vintage clutch, Coach bracelet, American Eagle aviators

Rarely can I be found dressed head-to-toe in one brand -- I try to mix it up a bit, especially when it comes to more expensive brands (no matter how much I love them!). However, I had a bit too much fun at J.Crew this weekend -- after all, how do you pass up 20% off all clearance pieces? Upon stepping out my front door that night, I realized with a touch of embarrassment that not only was my soft-hued outfit almost entirely J.Crew, it was nearly all new. Oh, how is one really expected to resist the charm of this brand anyway?

How do we feel about the redesign? And if you feel so inclined, please be sure to check out my new Twitter!
xo Josie

Friday, June 25, 2010

in the navy.

J.Crew dress, Aldo pumps, Jacobs by Marc Jacobs clutch, Anthropologie earrings, Merona watch, Juicy Couture bracelet

There is a lot about this outfit that just shouldn't work. The heels are more taupe than nude, the dress has a bubble skirt, and it definitely took me awhile to get used to the nude straps on this darling navy J.Crew frock. Somehow, putting all of these odd elements together created an outfit that I absolutely fell in love with. And since the bugs in the backyard were killer, we moved the photo-shoot action to the driveway, where I posed with El Pri, my beloved silver Prius. And yes, I do insist that people call him that.

xo Josie

Thursday, June 24, 2010

obsessed -- t-bags.

Velvet by Graham & Spencer Ruffled Jersey V-Neck  Top
COVETING: Velvet by Graham & Spencer Ruffled Jersey V-neck Top; retail $75
I am so in love with this ultra-pretty top. The turquoise shade is nothing short of stunning. I've found that turquoise, especially in the summer, is one of the most versatile colors that there is. It looks amazing on all skin tones and with all colorings, and goes with so many other shades. The pretty ruffles on this shirt, which would pair beautifully with gorgeous bracelets, cinch the fact that this stunning top must be mine.

While browsing on Shopbop (which I spend far more time doing than I'd like to admit), I came across a brand that I am positively in love with -- T-Bags. I was immediately drawn in by the company's simple, easy dresses that look as comfortable as a T-shirt but are far more fun and full of class. Summer cocktail party, anyone?

T-Bags Sleeveless Piping  Dress
T-Bags Sleeveless Piping Dress; retail $185
I generally shy away from animal prints -- especially colored ones. I know that they can be fabulous but have seen them done poorly so many times that I just can't muster the courage to try them out. This fun look may have changed my mind, though. I love the pink-on-blue pattern and perfect 60s-esque piping. The sweet, narrow keyhole in the back of the frock just adds to its perfection.

T-Bags Ruffle Front Tank
T-Bags Ruffle Front Tank; retail $163
I really like this top. It's feminine without dripping in lace or jewels, and the bright orange shade is SO fun and very hot for summer. Perfect with denim cutoffs or crisp white shorts, this top could also be absolutely DARLING tucked into a high-waisted pencil skirt.

T-Bags Cami Dress
T-Bags Cami Dress; retail $185
I LOVE this dress. While the shape is quite adorable, I have to say that the print is what really caught my attention. These bright colors are so fun and the print is vaguely reminiscent of balloons -- what could be better for a party? I am also in love with all of the fun details, like the tie-straps and smocked waist.

T-Bags Ruffle V Neck Dress
T-Bags Ruffle V-Neck Dress in Green (also in Purple); retail $172
I simply am so in love with this dress. The green is the perfect mix of mint and grassiness, and the ruffle and smocked waist are just perfection. I am all about pieces that you can just throw on and go, and this dress is just that. Plus, how fab are the model's shoes?

T-Bags V Neck Pocket Dress
T-Bags V-Neck Pocket Dress; retail $159
I'm ridiculously into the nautical trend right now, and this dress satisfies my need for seaworthy clothes beautifully. I love that the nude pumps are paired with the navy dress, and the white details on this frock are quite stunning and placed so well, especially at the chest pockets and sleeves -- too pretty!

What are YOU obsessed with right now?
xo Josie
Thanks to Bloomingdales and Shopbop for the photos.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

pretty things -- ice cream dresses.
ATTAINABLE: I Love Knots Too -- Natural Rope Knot Bracelet with Love Charm; retail $16
Amy Stewart is just pretty awesome. Not only does she write an absolutely charming blog, she is a SUPER-talented jewelry designer. My favorite pieces are her rope bracelets (like the one above, which has a sweet little "Love" charm at the clasp -- how cute would this be with a striped top?) but her silver jewelry is also stunning. And she ups the crafty factor with her customized gift pouches and pretty jewelry bags. Seriously, can I just BE her for a bit? Thanks.

Ice cream is my greatest vice. I could say that about most desserts, of course, but it's definitely true about ice cream. In case you're wondering, Ben & Jerry's Brownie Batter is my personal flavor of choice, though Sebastian Joe's Cookies and Cream (if you're from the Twin Cities area, you TOTALLY know what I'm talking about) is a strong runner up.

I'm sorry; I digress. It tends to happen when I start talking about dessert.

A friend recently mentioned that she had an ice-cream date and wasn't sure what to wear. I blinked, confused, before shrugging and saying, "an ice cream dress." You know exactly what I mean, ladies -- a pretty, colorful sundress that toes the line between ultra sweet and a little sexy perfectly. Toss on a pair of neutral wedges or flat metallic sandals and prepare to stroll with your cone in one hand while the other is entangled with that of an attractive gentleman.

Nanette Lepore Playday  Dress
Nanette Lepore Playday Dress; sale (now) $208.60
I'm not sure if I've ever loved Nanette Lepore more in my life. This dress is absolute perfection. The bright orange shade is spectacular, and the tiny circles add a fantastic texture to the frock. The pretty princess seams and flap pockets add the perfect touches of sweetness while the square neck and scoop back show the absolute perfect amount of skin to be sunwashed.

Testament Ruffle Hem Dress; retail $130
I. Love. This. Dress. Everything about it works. The length is sweet. The sheer is sexy. The bow is sweet. The navy (which many have dubbed this summer's "black") is sexy. The perfect straps and scooped neckline just add to the overall effect of beauty. Stacked silver bracelets and a fabulous pair of flat silver sandals would be perfect to finish off this simple-without-being-boring look.

Backyard BBQ Dress  - Click Image to Close
Lulu's Backyard BBQ Dress; retail $34
What makes this dress (which looks ridiculously simple from the front) sexy? It's not even just that the back is cut out -- it's the surprise when you turn around. And the juxtaposition of the open back and pretty purple bow is simply spectacular. Throw in a pretty pattern and you have a recipe for the perfect summer dress.

Leifsdottir Both Worlds Jumper; retail $248
Really, what screams "fun" more than a jumper? This pretty navy one is cute and fun without making you feel like a six-year-old, thanks to the sophisticated shade and grown-up details. I'm thinking that neutral wedges and coffee ice cream would go splendidly with this pretty dress.

Let's just all take a minute and think about ice cream, okay?
xo Josie
Thanks to Amy Stewart/Etsy, Shopbop, Piperlime, Lulu's, and Anthropologie for the photos.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

inspiration -- spices.

ATTAINABLE: Gap Tassel Flats in Oatmeal (also in Heather Gray); retail $39.50
I'll admit that I do have a bit of a weakness for any shoe with a tassel... I tried my dad's brown loafers on as a little girl and fell in love immediately with the fun, fringey accouterments. These Gap flats are an absolutely darling way to bring that feeling of fun into my life today. I love the simple ballet shape and neutral shade -- it really allows the fun metallic tassel to pop. Seriously, how ridiculously cute would these be with dark jeans and a light jacket? Positively darling.


I love, LOVE cooking, despite the fact that I can be a rather picky eater. I like nothing more than knowing that combining raw things will result in something (hopefully) delicious. There's just something reassuring about that. And, like any super-amateur foodie, I love cooking shows. And if I've learned one thing from "Top Chef," it's that food must be seasoned properly.

Enter the spices.


Not only do these spices amazingly delicious and add serious pop to food (think of them as the "accessories" of the food world), many of them are crazy-gorgeous in their unique shades. Saffron. Mustard. Cinnamon. Lavender. Ginger. Sage. So pop on a pair of chili-colored sandals, grab your cinnamon-toned bag, and go out to buy a dress in a lovely shade of mustard... It's even more satisfying than cooking; just wait.

*Click above for product details.

What's inspiring YOU today?
xo Josie
Thanks to Gap and WeHeartIt for the photos.

Monday, June 21, 2010

get the look -- cowboy boots.

Dolce Vita Josie Dress
COVETING: Dolce Vita Josie Dress; retail $154
Perhaps I've been persuaded by the name, but I do truly love this sweet, simple little summer dress. The light pink and cream print is absolutely perfect -- fun and simple, but the zipper adds just a touch of an edge to the look. It's the quintessential summer dress with a bit of a twist that is sure to get you noticed. Instructions: pair with platform wedges or flat sandals, add aviators, hold lemonade, smile. The end.

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I have a not-so-slight obsession with cowboy boots. Not necessarily with actually wearing them but definitely with the idea of them. I scour vintage and thrift stores. I search shoe lines every year. But I just haven't quite found the perfect pair yet. However, I hold out hope. Perfectly distressed cowboy boots with dark skinny jeans tucked into them or with a sweet floral sundress to add a bit of country flair? Absolutely perfect.
DEAL: Steve Madden Gradual Boots in Natural Leater (also in Brown Leather and Cognacle); sale (now) $99.95
I am such a huge Steve Madden fan, and this is a beautiful example of why that is. These pretty boots are JUST slouchy enough and come in three gorgeous colors. They have the perfect amount of detail and look Western without making you feel like you're wearing a Halloween costume. These are just screaming for a pair of dark denim leggings and a floaty white tunic or perhaps a pretty floral T-shirt dress.

Frye 'Carson' Pull-On Boot
EXTRAVAGANCE: Frye "Carson" Pull-On Boot in Tan (also in Dark Brown Vintage, Navy, and Smoke Smooth); retail $347.95
I'm so distressed that these are expensive, because they're easily my favorites of the bunch. They're the perfect color, the perfect height, and have just the right amount of heel. And my favorite part is that the leather looks so buttery-soft. Absolute perfection.
DEAL: Zodiac American Original Women's Annie in Cognac (also in Brown); sale (now) $40
These are a fab example of how a short cowboy boot can look superchic. I'm a sucker for a great cognac-colored boot and these are absolutely darling. And not only are these booties cute for summer, they'll transition into fall beautifully and are utterly attainable.
EXTRAVAGANCE: Steve Madden Tessii Boot in Brown Leather (also in Taupe Leather); retail $159.95
Though I don't usually feature two pieces from the same designer in my "Get the Look" posts, I couldn't resist these sweet little Steve Madden booties. I'm just in love with them. I want to wear them EVERYWHERE this summer and then move them into fall with a fantastic pair of opaque tights and sweaterdresses.

How do you rock YOUR cowboy boots?
xo Josie
Thanks to Shopbop, Steve Madden, Nordstrom, and Famous Footwear for the photos.

Friday, June 18, 2010

back in black.

Renee DuMarr dress and belt, Mossimo heels, vintage bracelet and clutch, Anthropologie earrings, sample sale ring

I bought this one-of-a-kind Renee DuMarr dress at the designer's showroom when I visited Manhattan and took this shopping tour. Renee herself insisted that I purchase it despite my fears that I couldn't pull it off. I must say that while I was hesitant at first, it is really quite pretty -- the perfect little black cocktail dress. I love the contrast of black chiffon and the textured belt. It only felt right to pull my hair back (something that I rarely do) to show off the gorgeous ruffled neckline and add pretty gold accessories with a smoky eye for a night out.

Have a fabulous weekend, my loves!
xo Josie

Thursday, June 17, 2010

obsessed -- tory burch.

Three Dots Skirt with Drape  Detail
COVETING: Three Dots Skirt with Drape Detail in Blue (also in Black); retail $86
I have spent a ridiculous amount of time this summer searching for the perfect draped skirt and, of course, just after I'd stopped looking, I stumbled across it. Thank goodness for Three Dots. This skirt is an incredibly gorgeous shade of blue and the intricate draping is simply perfect. What is possibly the best part about this skirt, though, is that it can be pulled down as far as the knees or ruched up to be a mini -- so versatile!

Tory Burch is undoubtedly one of my favorite designers. Hands-down, I'd wear her gorgeous creations any day. In writing this post, I not only found many, many items that I simply MUST own, I was overwhelmed by so many gorgeous pieces that I became truly sad when I realized that featuring them all would lead to the longest post EVER.

Tory Burch Shannon Short; retail $150
If you're searching for THE white shorts of summer, stop here. These are perfectly tailored, utterly flattering, and come in a gorgeous snow-white shade. Pair with a sheer blouse or tissue-thin T, heels or TOMS -- a crisp white short is ridiculously versatile and just so lovely.

Tory Burch Spring Skirt in Black (also in Brown Dodda); retail $250
I am so enamored with this sweet little skirt. The ruffle detail is absolutely gorgeous -- it's intricate without looking overworked at all, and I love the slit pockets in the front. When paired with a crisp white shirt and nude pumps for work or an easy pocket tank and flat sandals for evening, this skirt is sure to shine.

Tory Burch Bari Slouchy Bootie in Black (also in Sand)
While it's hardly any kind of secret that I'm superobsessed with Ms. Burch's signature Reva flats, I've found new love in her shoe line. Pure awesomeness. There are cowboy boots, booties, wedges, heels... I've definitely been taken by these shoes. And this pair of heeled booties is absolutely stunning -- slightly slouchy but without losing their classy feel.

Tory Burch Kelby Blouse in White (also in Black); retail $225
I am so in love with this fresh take on the classic white shirt. I love the impeccable fit, the sash to emphasize the waist, and those lovely pushed-up sleeves. This would pair beautifully with a pencil skirt or jeans to create a look that is nothing short of utterly chic.

Tory Burch Tevin Large Satchel; retail $595
I seriously wonder if I praise this bag enough whether someone will send me one. Okay, probably not. But I can dream, right? This utterly stunning bag is the perfect shade to pair with literally everything in my wardrobe. I love the versatility of the handles and shoulder strap, and this doctor's-bag-esque shape is simply fantastic. And I certainly can't go without mentioning this gorgeous pleating detail -- absolute perfection.

What are YOU obsessed with today?
xo Josie
Thanks to Shopbop and Tory Burch for the photos.